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Forward Farm Tech was created to design innovative farm tools and technology, enabling the small farmer to revolutionize our food system!

Forward Farm Tech started in a similar place as many small farmers.  Burnt out from working a mundane job, and looking for a way to do what I loved for a living.  Two years ago I was a guy looking to transition into market farming from my engineering occupation.  

During my time as a part time market farmer, I realized that I still had tremendous drive to design and build cool stuff. I also realized the tools that farmers need to make a small scale farm work, were scarce.  Also, the tools that were on the market needed a serious update.

I grew up working as my dad's sidekick, working on and fixing, about every type of machine under the sun. Being immersed from a young age into a hands on education of all things mechanical, gave me a knowledge base but most importantly, gave me the insight on how to analyze a situation, think through a problem and develop a proper course of action.  I use this experience and knowledge to understand areas of need for farmers. 

So, I created Forward Farm Tech.  A small start up that can be flexible and efficient.  Meaning the time from idea conception to a product being shipped is minimal.  We pledge to crank out as many innovative and affordable products as possible. Forward Farm Tech is here to help small farms become more efficient and profitable!


Kevin Meyer

Owner, Engineer and Head of Manufacturing. Kevin has 6+ years of experience in engineering and manufacturing in the industrial and airspace industries.  

He is dedicated himself to designing and manufacturing the most robust and useful tools on the small farm market!

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