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The quick flip

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The Speed Fork is made from high strength steel and it is fully welded making the fork extremely strong. The tines are cut on a CNC plasma machine to ensure that all the tines are identical, which allows for the least amount of resistance while pressing the fork into your soil. 

a robust fork in 

a small, light package

Broadfork Tines

soil health

The Quick Flip will help you build great soil on your farm or in your garden!








Replaces your rototiller! No more deep turning of your soil

Allows in air that the microorganisms need to thrive

Weed seeds are no longer brought to the surface which lessens weed pressure over time


A by product of building better soil!


The Quick Flip is made from high strength steel and the tines are made from high strength alloy steel. The tines go through the step tube and are welded on both sides of the tube, making the fork extremely strong. The last inch of the tines are cut at a steep angle allowing easy soil insertion. The handle has gussets on both sides that makes a very stiff joint. 

The Quick Flip is also very light only 11.5 pounds!! This allows the user to quickly fork many beds without becoming exhausted and in less time than compared to using a bulky 2 handled fork.

Multiple uses

The Quick Flip is designed for quick forking of already established growing beds. It will do a 30" wide bed in 1 pass in good soil or 2 passes in not ideal soil. 

This fork is also fantastic for harvesting root crops  like carrots and potatoes.

The Quick Flip is up to any task a typical digging fork can do and will also handle most tasks that a 2 handled broad fork can do.

tech specs

Tine Material:


Head Width:


Tine Length:

High Strength Alloy Steel





Quick Flip Broadfork
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