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A single Chassis for many attachments

Universal Chassis - Flameweeder

Multiple handle configurations

The Universal Chassis is designed with ergonomics in mind.  The handle can be put on the right or left side to suit user preference. 

The top bar can be adjusted side to side to allow the user to walk beside or directly behind.

The Universal Chassis is also set up to accept a dual handle for heavy duty attachments. 

Completely interchangable attachments

The Universal Chassis is designed to be the base of all Forward Farm Tech attachments.  All attachments are created so they can be bolted on or removed quickly and easily.

We believe having a heavy duty base with many interchangeable attachments is the best way for small farms to get the most bang for their buck when buying tools.

Kelvin Cultivator-power harrow.png

tech specs

 Frame Material:

Handle Material:

Hardware Material:

Wheel Width:

Wheel Height:

Handle Height :

Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel

36" Center to center


38" - 44"

Kelvin CultivatorISO2
Kelvin Cultivator collarge wide
Kelvin Cultivator
Power Harrow screen shot website1
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