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Kelvin Cultivator

orders ship in 3-4 weeks

The most innovative flameweeder ever built

Instant push button ignition

The days of singed hair are now over! With standard push button ignition you can instantly ignite the torch heads safely. This allows you to only singe the pesky weeds!

Custom gas valve

With the Kelvin Cultivator you can set the flame to a pilot mode or very low burn. Then with the flick of a lever the Kelvin Cultivator goes into its fully on state.

This valve enables the user to:

  • Save propane.

  • Ignite torches in safe predicable manner.

  • Maneuver between beds or in the greenhouse.

  • Only burn the area intended to be burned.

  • Extinguish the torch heads instantly.

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heavy duty Tank rack

A tank rack built to last. No straps that weaken and break over time.


A rattle free, solid hold on your tank!

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Fully enclosed torch heads

The Kelvin Cultivator's fully enclosed torch heads offer many advantages:

  • 100% heat coverage under the hood for a complete weed kill off.

  • Full control of the flame's application area.

  • Faster pace because of heat concentration, saves time and propane.

Heavy duty construction

The Kelvin Cultivator was designed with farm abuse in mind.  Virtually no weak point on the entire system, it will last indefinitely.


Completely constructed out of stainless steel and aluminum.

Made in the USA!


Easily and quickly is attached or removed from the Universal Chassis.   

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orders ship in 3-4 weeks

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